Alarm Monitoring for less than 50 cents per day !!!

Now, here's how it all works together with the alarm monitoring. Any time you set your alarm in the alarm mode with your code then it is being monitored for an unwanted intrusion.

If a zone is tripped like a motion detector or door then your loud siren goes off and an alarm signal is immediately sent via your phone line or GSM dialer to 24-hour central alarm monitoring station.

Your information pops up on our operator's screen who immediately initiates a mobail phone to your premise phone number or mobail phone number.If you or another occupant picks up the phone and knows the password then we do not dispatch the Garada.

If no one answers the phone, doesn't know the password or sounds like they are under duress then we contact  digi watch  nominated keyholders and/or Garda patrol to your home depending on the agreed protocol.


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